Friday, October 26, 2007

Luc at the Humber River, 3 days after I got him

Mel and I took Luc on an urban hike the day after Luc had done the Ragged Rapids Loop in the Ganaraska Wilderness with my family (Cda Day longweekend). The Ragged Rapids Loop was great, we saw an Eastern Hognose snake, Luc knocked me in crossing the first beaver dam but was an old pro at them by the end of the day, and the Ragged Rapids side trail - well. It was grown over, and not in a scrubby bush sort of way, but in a decent sized trees sort of way. We were able to walk blaze to blaze and or scramble/orienteer around and get through it, but there was significant deadfall in places, and it was an 8k bushwhack. Luc did amazing.

He did pretty good on the Humber River walk, though he did take the subway for the first time (he hates the subway!) and an elevator going up to Mel's condo.

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